Board Members / Officers / Executives

With the combined experience of the ownership group, our cliental can expect to draw on a deep pool of practical, conceptual and organizational knowledge.

In practical terms, this represents over 100 years experience in the industry among the partners, giving them insight into every conceivable type of system, problem and solution as well as innovative new technologies.

Whether you seek test and balance services, LEED commissioning expertise, plan review or construction services, National Air Balance is the undisputed leader in the industry.

Board Members/Officers of the Corporation

Bill R. Sutterfield, TBE
510-623-7000 X104

Duane C. Davies, TBE, CxA, LEED AP
Executive Vice President/CMO
510-623-7000 X101

Bill K. Sutterfield
Sr. Vice President/CCO
510-623-7000 X106

Sean Bunting, TBE, LEED AP
Sr. Vice President/COO
510-623-7000 X102

Corporate Executive

Greg Rothe
Chief Financial Officer
510-623-7000 X107