Highly Trained and Certified Professionals Ensure Accurate and Meaningful Results

Established in 1968, National Air Balance Company, is composed of a select group of proven professionals dedicated to the highest standards in the field of independent test and balancing.

Certified annually by the AABC, National Air Balance Company provides the level of quality, integrity, service, and knowledge by which other test and balance firms are measured.

Completely Independent

National Air Balance Company is completely independent from installation, design or manufacturing and has no financial interest or affiliation with any other types of firms other than normal client/subcontractor relationships. This insures unbiased and conscientious testing and balancing of our clients projects.

AABC and TABB certified

All projects are balanced in accordance with the AABC’s national standards and are guaranteed through our affiliation with the AABC, the worlds leading association of independent test and balance firms. All TAB reports are prepared under the direct supervision of a certified test and balance engineer (TBE) to ensure accurate and meaningful results.

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Environmentally Aware

In times of shrinking budgets and increasing maintenance, operation and energy costs, it becomes even more important to maximize energy utilization through thoughtful planning. National Air Balance Company can help! Working with design engineers, maintenance staff, building owners and contractors, we can assist in developing an environmental system plan exactly right for your needs in todays environmentally aware society.