Department Contacts

In an effort to streamline communication and to better serve you, we have provided a list of key staff who are specifically tasked with administering all affairs associated with their department.

Accounting Manager

Samantha Stoia
510-623-7000, x124

Director of Sales

Jeff Wooning, TBE
510-623-7000, x114
510-773-7292, cell

Bid Coordinator

Elizabeth Oliveira
510-623-7000, x100

General Superintendent / Project Executive

Ty Curtis
510-623-7000, x113
510-773-8171, cell

QA/QC Coordinator
(Submittals / Safety Documentation)

Bill K. Sutterfield
510-623-7000, x106
510-714-6182, cell

Document Control Manager (Reports)

Michelle Daggs
510-623-7000, x109

Cx Division Manager

Duane Davies