Unbiased and Conscientious testing and Balancing of all HVAC systems

Todays HVAC systems, building designs, and project schedules are more demanding than ever before. Building’s must be energy efficient, meet indoor air quality and comfort expectations, and operate at their optimal levels. Without proper balancing and/or commissioning, HVAC, systems are unlikely to function as specified or designed.

National Air Balance Company (NABCO) is a pioneer in the testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) and commissioning (Cx) fields. NABCO provides TAB and Cx services for all types of facilities and is committed to serving it’s customers with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.

Whether you are looking for a complete system analysis, improved system performance or controls verification, NABCO can help.  Our ownership group and management staff are thoroughly trained, certified, and have experience in all areas of field testing, analysis and commissioning. Certifications include (4) test and balance engineers (TBE’s), (2) Leeds 2.0 accredited professionals, (1) ACG certified commissioning authority, (1) TABB certified supervisor, and several certified test and balance technicians (AABC and TABB).

Total System Balancing

The measurement, adjustment, and analysis of mechanical – environmental systems, with completely accurate and repeatable documentation, for the goal of proper system performance and energy efficiency.

HVAC System Survey and Analysis

Establishing baseline data to be utilized for future design and/or resetting areas during phased construction, with the goal of increased performance achieving greater energy efficiency.

Clean Room Certification

Increased contamination not only poses a threat to health, but it complicates the procedures and processes used in increasingly more sophisticated manufactured products, and in laboratories, hospitals, and other critical areas that require cleaner environments. To assure that these processes or operations can be accomplished successfully in an aseptic, particulate controlled, clean atmosphere, facility operators must have confidence that their cleanrooms or clean spaces will achieve and maintain the degree of cleanliness for which they are designed.

Duct Leakage Pressure Testing

Excessive duct leakage will lead to increased horsepower to compensate for the loss of air and therefore, increased energy use and can make balancing to the design criteria unobtainable. Ducts should be constructed and installed airtight to ensure energy conservation and control of air movement, humidity and temperature in the space. Duct leakage pressure testing identifies objectionable quantities of leakage during the installation phase so that such leaks get sealed avoiding long term operational inefficiencies.

Sound Testing

The measurement of sound levels in spaces to aid the acoustic engineer in identifying objectionable levels.

Vibration Testing

Field measured vibration levels on major rotating HVAC equipment utilizing a portable amplitude meter in an effort to identify objectionable vibration which would deteriorate the operation and/or life of equipment.

Smoke Evacuation Testing

Buildings or portions thereof required by local jurisdiction and/or establish building codes to have mechanical or passive smoke-control systems designed, installed and acceptance tested with the intent to provide a tenable environment for the evacuation or relocation of occupants.